We are going to Print!!!


 am Vonetta Berry, a bodyartist originally from Houston, now living in Austin.  I have been working on my Enchanted Musician project since 2016.  I have been blessed with awesome collaborations with musicians and models to help bring my vision as Muses and Musicians  interact through bodyart.  Each image gives an illustration of a Musician "playing" instruments made by PEOPLE!  Their Muses have become their musical instruments.  I loved fooling the view in each image with illusion and body paint only. 

I am so excited to finally have the opportunity to display his work in a gallery in Austin for the first time. Shout out to Art for the People Gallery for the opportunity.  This is a humongous opportunity.  I was set to get the works printed and be ready for display for the October 27th exhibition date, needing everything to gallery by October 5th, until Hurricane Harvey hit.  Many of my supports and clients were hit hard by the Hurricane, and the funds I would have used to get these to the printers, get them matted and printed for exhibition are now diverted elsewhere, rightfully so. 

I am asking for assistance with the last $687 to get the images printed and ready for display by the deadline of October 5th.  As I stated I am so grateful for the opportunity to show this work in the way I have intended, but could use a little help.  No contribution is too small.  With everyone giving a little, I know I can reach this goal and invite you all to the exhibition opening!.  I will additionally send you a personalized thank gift for larger donations and digital.